UTAH Schools - Welcome, Students, Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators!

Every high school student, teacher, and administrator in Utah now has free, unlimited, and secure access to Shmoop's ACT and PLAN test prep—no strings attached. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Your awesome Shmoop ACT and PLAN Test Prep Pass includes:

  • Diagnostic exams. The Shmoop Doctor's in the house to figure out what hurts and how to fix it.
  • Full-length practice exams. Practice makes the PLAN (and ACT) perfect.
  • Funny and informative topic reviews for all question types. We think they're hilarious, but we'll let you make that decision yourself.
  • Hundreds of topic-specific drills. We have more drills than an aspiring dental student. Instead of fixing toothaches, though, our drills immediately predict scores and explain missed questions.
  • Skill mastery breakdowns. From conquering commas to owning orders of operations, we'll turn you from youngling to Jedi Master in no time.
  • Score reporting software for teachers and administrators. See what's good, what's not so good, and what's in dire need of some more Shmoopin'.
  • BONUS TRACK: ACT Math Shack. When the Big Life-Changing Test (read: ACT) is breathing down your neck, sometimes you need a little injection of fun and fearlessness. Ye Olde Mathematical Shack is an interactive game that auto-generates thousands of math problems for students to solve. It's unlimited entertainment and a clear route to skill mastery, all rolled into one.

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