Change the face of education. Help the younger generation fall in love with the world around them. Consume your weight in chocolate chip cookies. Sound like a dream gig? We think so, too.

Hailing from top-notch academic programs like Stanford, Berkeley, and Harvard, as well as corporate powerhouses like Yahoo! and Google, the Shmoop Team is dedicated to making education funny, friendly, and freaking fantastic.

Interested in Joining Team Shmoop?

We move quickly. We devour pop culture. We debate passionately, whether it's about philosophy or The X-Files. We obsess over grammar. We quiz each other on literature, history, and last night's episode of The Bachelor. We chow on Specialty's cookies. Best of all, we dream of better ways to make learning fun and relevant. It's like The Avengers, only instead of defeating evil aliens, we're besting crusty academic texts and ignorance.

We' re rapidly growing (we're like Tribbles in here), so it's a great time to join our team! We treat our employees like family, which means we work hard and then eat burritos together even harder.

Sound like an awesome deal? (You know it.) Whether you love to work from home in your PJ'S or want to see our beautiful faces every day at our Intergalactic Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, we've got the job for you.

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